About Our District


Kiwanis first entered the state when the Newark Club held an organizational meeting at the Robert Treat Hotel on July 21, 1916. The Club was chartered on April 26.

That Club sent Andrew C. Snyder and Albert Schurr as delegates to the first Kiwanis convention in Detroit on May 17, 1917. Snyder was elected as a Kiwanis trustee.

That fall a club was organized in Paterson.

At the time, Kiwanis did not have Districts. At the Providence Convention in 1918, a plan was drafted to form 27 districts with New Jersey divided between New York and Pennsylvania. That plan was vigorously opposed by Snyder, and after three hours of heated debate he won his point and New Jersey had its own district.

Acting upon instructions for the districts to organize their clubs, the three clubs in New Jersey (the Trenton club was also organized during this time) gathered at the Washington Restaurant in September, 1918, and the first New Jersey District Convention was called to order. After a short meeting of a nominating committee, Weston E. Goode was selected as the first District Governor. He was unanimously elected to serve during 1919. Because there were only three clubs, the delegates did not feel the need to elect other district officers.

That first convention took only about half an hour, and the only address was a short acceptance speech by the newly elected Governor.